Why Your Business Need a Website?

You are open 24/7 – 365 Days!

Even this reason alone is enough to have a website…

No matter the opening or closing times, holidays, vacations or anything, your website is always open. You can put much details to provide a better idea of what you really do. And your customers can check you from anywhere without warring to visit your place physically. Over 90% of internet users search the internet before directly visiting a place and you are in their line!

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Show who you truly are!

Your website is who you truly are. It’s your number one Business Card, 1st Handshake and the 1st impression! You can put what exactly you do with much details and proofs to provide the best impression for your customers. People can check the quality, details, reviews, ratings and can compare their needs with yours with much detailed. Better organized and designed website can represent you and your great work at any place. Providing an official website URL is much professional than anything else!

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Just because your Competitors got one!

Mostly, the only reason you need to make a better website is this. Just because your competitors got one. And they are boldly top listed in search results and the internet but you are not there. You will become simply out of the community just easy as that. Over 90% of all the internet users search the internet before buying anything so why loss that opportunity!

Customers know where to look!

Websites are intentionally designed for targeted customers. Since most of the websites have a common and well known basic designing structure, so it’s much easier for the customers to find what they are exactly looking for. Websites are much better organized and highlighted so anyone can find their needs within few clicks and scrolls. Customers can have a glance of your long journey within a few seconds because of the better organization, placement and the user friendliness of websites.

web designing colombo, sri lanka, ray web arts

It’s just truly yours!

Your website is 100% under your control and you are the only decision maker on it. As long as your works are legal and ethical, no one can restrict, rule or regulate your website and your works for any purposes. This is the biggest advantage over free social media pages since they are not under your control at all.

web designing colombo, sri lanka, ray web arts