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Budget Package

Budget package is just for small information sites and personal profiles. It’s simple, clean and neat. Just a few web pages and it’s much suitable for starting things up with a very small amount of money. You can upgrade to any of our packages if needed in the future.

Bronze Package

Best for small information websites such as company, institute, business, personal profile and small online business websites. Amount of storage is relatively small and the speed is a bit less but it’s more than enough for a well designed small website. Can make up to 15 pages depending on their quality and the complexity.

Silver Package

Best for relatively large information websites which need to present images, slideshows, projects and galleries. Ideal for websites with a number of completed projects with high quality images. With 10GB storage and the speed, it’s much suitable for moderate information websites, small blog sites as well as Online Web Systems.

Gold Package

With 100GB space and the speed, you can get a quite big and powerful website. Best for Business, e-Commerce and relatively large websites which holds many number of pages, posts, products and a number of downloadable data such as PDF, Audio files, videos etc…. Large amount of storage, speed and the database capacity makes this package ideal for websites which needs to be integrated with online systems.

Platinum Package

Number one choice for heavy traffic websites, news blogs and most advanced websites + Online Systems. With unlimited storage and speed, you can do whatever you need to own the internet. Best for heavy traffic websites integrated with Online systems, Data Storage and large number of user accounts.

Web Design


If you already have a website and need to upgrade? You are in the right place. We do all kinds of website upgrades and updates. And if you need a custom built website, we also got that.