Payment and Refund Policy


Thank you for your interest in Ray Web Arts.
We only inform payments via an invoice created to your given name, given company name, given job title of a company or an institution, your given email account or your given contact number.

Customers should do the payments or part payments to the given bank accounts, written cheque or directly to the Ray Web Arts.

A receipt or a payment confirmation is issued to any payment within one business day.

We charge 60% of the agreed project total amount or an agreed amount as an advance payment.

The rest amount should be paid once the website inspection is completed and ready to be published. The services will be published, activated or delivered once the full payment is paid.


Since all the products and services we provide are online and not physical products, we neither accept any returns nor we could do that.

And also every task is pre-approved with all the requirements, given samples, templates and designs with the client, we do not take any returns.


We only take payments for the projects approved by the customers.

We start the project or purchase the products and services only once they are approved again after the payment or an advance payments.

We provide a breakdown of products and service charges clearly in the project proposal.

Refunds will not be issued for any purchased products and services from third party. Ex: Domains, Hosting, SSL, IP Addresses, Email Accounts web services etc…

Any refunds for services provided by Ray Web Arts will be calculated depending on the completed tasks. Ex: Completed pages, posts, performed updates, designed graphics etc…

In any cancellation of a project or a service, the client should inform that to Ray Web Arts before starting the project. In such case of late informing, refunds will not be issued for the purchased products, services and the tasks completed at the time the cancellation is informed.

In any cancellations and refunds of a partially completed project, Ray Web Arts provides the then purchased products and services according to the advanced or payed value.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact us at anytime.